Tips for the trail

Please be careful when taking your dog on the trail! Please refrain from bringing puppies, old dogs, short-nosed dogs (such as pugs), and black dogs (they get hotter in the sun). If you do bring your dog, please ensure they have water and shade when you stop. Be aware they perspire through their mouths and can overheat easily.
See this link and this video from first graders of Kaohao School.

icon-nowater NO WATER AVAILABLE: Make sure to take water for you AND your dog if you bring one.  It is unfortunately common for dogs to get heatstroke and die on this trail.  The sun shines extra hot on those hot, humid summer days, and dehydration/heatstroke is your #1 most common peril.  There is no shade on this trail.
icon-norestrooms NO TOILETS: There is no restroom facility on the trail. Please try not to disturb the neighbors – public use of private bathrooms of the neighbors next to the trail is not courteous, and neither is using the bushes.  The nearest facility is Kailua Beach Park.
icon-noslippahs WEAR SHOES FOR STEEP TERRAIN: Wear shoes with traction. This is a steep hike with loose rocks.
icon-NoLitterPlease2 NO TRASH BINS, PLEASE DON’T LITTER: There are no trash cans or trash pickup on the trail.  Please pick up after your dog.  Please pack out what you carry in.


PARK WITH CARE:  Parking is very difficult, especially on holidays and weekends. There is no parking lot at the trail head. Taking The Bus is a better way to gain access, or if you can’t take the bus, you can try to park in Kailua and walk in.  If you do bring your car, please remember this is a residential neighborhood and park respectfully.  You may get a ticket if you don’t follow the parking rules which are:  less than 4 feet from a driveway, 10 feet from a fire hydrant, 30 feet approaching a Stop sign, 10 feet from a corner (which blocks visibility for safe turning), and facing the wrong way.  If you have to walk a little further to be able to park in a legal and considerate way, enjoy the extra distance as part of the hike.
Remember that parking on the bike lane will incur a $200 fine!
drone DRONES ARE OUTLAWED LESS THAN 400 FEET OVER PRIVATE PROPERTY:  Therefore, flying drones anywhere on the pillbox trail is against the law.  The noise and lack of privacy also disturbs the neighbors.  Please be respectful and don’t fly them here.
Falling-Rocks-Symbol-Sign-K-6405 STAY ON THE TRAIL:  You must stop at the second bunker and return the same way you came. Many years ago local residents followed the trail across the ridge, coming down at the end of Lanikai, but it is ALL on private property.
Just because there is a trail, doesn’t mean it’s safe to follow it.  Many people walk down from the top of the pillbox to the rock overhang but this is not safe.  The rocks are unstable and may collapse at any time.
icon-theft  LEAVE VALUABLES AT HOME: Do not leave valuables in your car. Lock your doors. During the summer months especially, theft can happen. This is true of every hike on Oahu.
icon-NoCommercialActivity NO TOURS: No commercial activity is allowed on the trail.

Remember that this is a residential neighborhood, so please keep your voices down between 10 PM and 7 AM.