Helicopter Rescues on Lanikai Pillbox Trail

Part of the goal of this site is to increase the safety of hikers.  It’s important that everyone know the trail can be hazardous if you don’t take enough water, go hiking on a really rainy day, or have an averse reaction to the physical strain of the steep climb.  If you have any heart conditions, suffer from dehydration, or slip off the trail, it can mean a costly rescue, and most importantly, injury or even loss of life.  This is a collection of some of the news stories prior to August of 2015 that illustrate that injuries and fatalalities do happen.  It is not meant to be sensationalized but rather to use the real news stories to help illustrate the risks.  We want to help prevent these types of incidences as much as possible.  Be careful up there!  Take this trail seriously and make sure it is a happy memory.

Please note that only a small portion of rescues make the news.  All of the following involved a helicopter rescue:

March 2008: Lost and injured


March 2010: “Non-life threatening injuries”:


February 2011: Leg injury


May 2012: Broken leg


September 2014: Fall and head injury


May 2015: Fatal cardiac arrest